There are 14 public parks in Huntington Woods: Parks Map
The parks are used by the HW Parks & Recreation department and the City for programs, activities and special events.
Huntington Woods residents can reserve a park for a private event or activity (birthday party, graduation party, soccer practice, etc.).  For more information and to request a reservation, please refer to the Park Reservation Application & Policy.

11 Mile Huntington Park has 3 Pickleball/tennis courts and one stand-alone Pickleball court.  For more information see Pickleball/Tennis Courts tab under “Facilities”.

Burton Community Park and Burton Field are used by Burton Elementary School students, Latchkey, Fruit Camp, tee ball, soccer, summer concerts and other activities.  A ¼ mile track surrounds Burton Field.  The field has 2 baseball diamonds and a Gaga Ball pit.

Hassig Senior Park has a small pavilion and a shuffleboard court.  Shuffleboard equipment can be borrowed by visiting the Public Safety building on 11 Mile Rd.

Mary Kay Davis Park has a gazebo and is known as “Prom Park” when it hosts Berkley High School students, families and friends, who gather before prom to take photos.

Peasley Park has 2 fields and a play structure.

Reynolds Park has a small field, children’s play equipment, and exercise equipment for teen/adults.

Scotia Park is a tranquil area to take a stroll or enjoy a scheduled event or activity.

Val Jones Skate Park features a large bowl with channel roll-in and grinding bars for skateboarders.  It also has an inline skate rink. The park closes at 8:00 pm and during the winter months. 

Men’s Club Field features a baseball diamond and open field soccer area.  During winter months an ice rink, which is generously maintained and operated by a HW resident, is available.

For more information about these or other Huntington Woods parks, please contact Gillham Recreation Center: or 248.541.3030.