Royal Oak Section Registration Policy

In 1974, the Royal Oak Section (ROS) of Huntington Woods (HW) was annexed into the Berkley School District.  A few years later, ROS residents were granted permission to participate in HW recreation programs, including the pool, with a nominal surcharge.  Prior to that time, the ROS was considered non-residents and were not permitted to use the pool or programs.  The demand for recreation programs was not as great as it is now and allowing the small number of ROS residents into the program, along with residents, did not result in residents being unable to participate due to program enrollments being at capacity. 

Over the last few years, enrollment has been at an all-time high for many programs and a lottery has been held for both camps and Latchkey.  Due to the increasing demand for many of the city-sponsored recreation programs and the limited space available, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the City Commission have reviewed and support a registration policy change.  Recognizing that HW residents should be provided the first opportunity to enroll in recreation programs and that a few ROS households continually participate in these programs (including Camp, Latchkey, Preschool, Swim Team, classes,etc.), the following policy has been adopted: 

Grandfather in ROS households/Berkley School District teachers who are currently enrolled in 2019-20 Latchkey, Preschool and/or participated in the 2019 Camp, Swim Team and Recreation Department programs, to be included in the initial registration period along with HW residents until all current and future members of the household age-out of the programs.  Specified registration start dates will be established for ROS households/BSD teachers not grandfathered in, followed by non-residents. 

A 10-25% surcharge for ROS residents/non-residents + a $40 annual facility fee will continue to be charged where applicable for Latchkey, Preschool, Camp, Pool Membership, Swim Team, Lots for Tots and Pickleball.

To clarify, if your household was enrolled in Fruit Camp in 2019, you are Grandfathered and eligible to participate in the 2020 resident Fruit Camp Lottery. If not registered in 2019 Fruit Camp, you will be eligible to register during ROS walk-in enrollment on March 23rd. If you are currently enrolled in Latchkey, you will continue to be eligible to apply for enrollment for the 2020-21 school year.  If you will be new to Latchkey, you will be eligible to register after the initial registration period.  Additional information regarding Fruit Camp and other programs and activities, along with registration information, will be included in the Winter edition of the Hometown Herald available online in November. 

FYI - There are plans to provide an additional after-school Latchkey program at Burton School in the 2020-21 school year. The plan will expand Pit Stop to offer after-school care from 3:15-6:00 pm daily.  This program will be operated through the Berkley School District.  The Latchkey program run through the Recreation Department will continue to be offered.  This additional option will help alleviate the large number of Latchkey requests that we are unable to accommodate at the Recreation Center.  Additional information will be forthcoming in January for both Latchkey programs.