Policies & Procedures

Our registration system requires a HOUSEHOLD INFORMATION FORM to be on file. If you do not have an updated form on file, you will need to fill out the form and provide proof of residency. Forms are available online at Recreation.HWMI.org, the city website HWMI.org, and at the Recreation Center. Once the information has been submitted and entered into the system at the front desk, you will be able to register.

Many classes/trips are available to non-residents after residents have had a chance to register. Unless otherwise noted as a resident-only program, non-residents may register beginning September 7 (unless noted) for an additional $5/class and $10/house sports league (baseball, basketball, pillo polo and/or floor hockey).

An annual $40 facility fee will be assessed to all Royal Oak section residents participating in Latchkey, camps and/or the pool. A 25% surcharge is also in effect for Latchkey and pool membership. Royal Oak section residents also pay the additional $5/class and $10/ house sports league. These fees are in place to equalize the tax burden borne by Huntington Woods residents.

CLASSES: All requests for refunds must be made prior to the second class. A pro-rated refund will be withheld if one class session has already been held. In addition, a $10 processing fee will be withheld for each cancellation. Material fees associated with a class are not refundable.

EVENT/TRIP: In the event a trip does not require the purchase of tickets, 48 hour notice of cancellation is required in order to receive a refund. For trips involving tickets, no refunds will be given for cancellation once the tickets have been purchased, unless a replacement is found. Please inquire at the time you are requesting to cancel whether you will receive a refund. A $5 service fee is retained on all refunds due to trip withdrawal.

WORKSHOP/ONE DAY PROGRAM: Refunds are given up until one week prior to the start date. After that, no refunds are given unless a replacement is registered. A $5 processing fee is withheld for each cancellation. Material fees associated with a workshop are not refundable.